Welcome to Implant Desk

Implant Desk is a Canadian digital implant planning company that provides comprehensive implant services to North American dentists.

We are passionate about digital implant dentistry and we are excited to provide you with efficient, accurate and consistent workflows that will help you grow your practice and offer your patients a differentiated service.

Not only have we made a significant investment in digital technology, we are supported by one of the most experienced and talented technical implant teams in North America.

To ensure we can provide you with a seamless and complete solution, we are partnered with two of the best implant dental laboratories in Canada that share and support our integrated technological infrastructure.


Why are we different?

  • Our implant services are prosthetically driven, ensuring the best final result for the patient
  • High experienced Implant technicians performing comprehensive treatment planning
  • Fabrication of Temporary restoration at same time as Surgical Guide
  • Fabrication of final restoration
  • Focus on digital guided surgery as a core competency
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